Anti-Money Laundering Booklets
2019-20 Version

Anti-Money Laundering Booklets offer a straightforward guide for staff on meeting their regulatory requirements

Give your employees a powerful reminder of their personal obligations under current Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing legislation.

With versions for different sectors – offering up-to-date guidance on key points of regulatory compliance; the four stages of client due diligence, essential steps to avoid the relevant criminal offences, changes prompted by Brexit and the 5th EU Directive, plus additional sections on the facilitation of tax evasion, bribery risk, government sanctions, and AML related data protection requirements.

Each AML booklet has a checklist for staff to sign, so in the event of a regulatory inspection, you can show they have been made aware of their continuing responsibilities.

Available in eight different versions to meet the needs of various business sectors and jurisdictions.

Pack of 20 shrink-wrapped booklets.

Anti-Money Laundering Booklets

Pack of 20