Bribery Prevention

Create an effective bribery prevention programme for staff

  • The law places serious obligations on all firms  – government guidance to the UK Bribery Act requires you to take active measures to prevent bribery – that includes giving appropriate training to your employees.
  • Online training and reference booklets for staff – offer a cost-effective solution for staff training, with robust record keeping systems that help you document the steps your firm is taking to prevent bribery.

How do you protect your firm?

Make your staff aware of the risks

You need to clearly set out your firm’s position on bribery and give employees appropriate guidance on the right way to act in everyday work situations – over things like business gifts, working lunches and corporate hospitality.

Document the training you're providing

If an employee commits a bribery offence in the course of their work – even inadvertently – your firm could be liable. The only defence is to show you have proportionate procedures in place – which must include training.

Online Anti-Bribery Training

Versions for the UK and for other jurisdictions – the online Bribery Prevention course is available in two different versions, each comprised of an interactive learning module and a separate recorded test module that enables you to train your workforce with minimum disruption.

Product image showing bribery prevention online training screen

Bribery Prevention Booklets - Revised and updated

Concise reference guides for individual members of staff – Bribery Prevention Booklets offer a handy source of guidance on the Bribery Act, with a check list for staff to sign and date confirming they’ve understood their personal obligations. Available in packs of 20.

Product image showing bribery prevention booklets

Bribery Prevention at a glance

What constitutes bribery?

Anything that’s intended to reward someone for acting improperly in their employment is a bribe.

What are the risks to your firm?

Failure to prevent bribery can result in heavy fines and prison sentences for senior managers and directors.

What can you do to prevent it?

The UK government recommends you put ‘proportionate procedures’ in place – that includes training your staff.

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